PennyLane Strawberry Fields Plugin





This PennyLane plugin allows the Strawberry Fields simulators to be used as PennyLane devices.

Strawberry Fields is a full-stack Python library for designing, simulating, and optimizing continuous variable (CV) quantum optical circuits.

PennyLane is a machine learning library for optimization and automatic differentiation of hybrid quantum-classical computations.


  • Provides two devices to be used with PennyLane: strawberryfields.fock and strawberryfields.gaussian. These provide access to the Strawberry Fields Fock and Gaussian backends respectively.

  • Supports all core PennyLane operations and observables across the two devices.

  • Combine Strawberry Fields’ advanced quantum simulator suite with PennyLane’s automatic differentiation and optimization.

To get started with the PennyLane Strawberry Fields plugin, follow the installation steps, then see the usage page.


Josh Izaac, Ville Bergholm, Maria Schuld, Nathan Killoran and Christian Gogolin

If you are doing research using PennyLane and StrawberryFields, please cite our papers:

Ville Bergholm, Josh Izaac, Maria Schuld, Christian Gogolin, and Nathan Killoran. PennyLane: Automatic differentiation of hybrid quantum-classical computations. 2018. arXiv:1811.04968

Nathan Killoran, Josh Izaac, Nicolás Quesada, Ville Bergholm, Matthew Amy, and Christian Weedbrook. Strawberry Fields: A Software Platform for Photonic Quantum Computing. 2018. arXiv:1804.03159